Probate, Estate & Trust Administration

Attorney Husain has the skill necessary to take the complexity out of estate and trust administration. His vast experience as an estate and trust litigator allows Attorney Husain to anticipate potential difficulties that his clients might face. Probate is the process of settling a decedent’s estate. It involves collecting the decedent’s assets, dealing with creditors and distributing the inheritance to beneficiaries according to the directives left in the last will. Karim P. Husain, Attorney At Law helps the personal representative of the estate navigate probate, ensuring that they comply with the law and distribute assets properly.

Serving Clients’ Needs

The services of Karim P. Husain, Attorney at Law encompass the needs of any client seeking counsel in regards to probate, estate and trust administration.

Attorney Husain handles matters that include:

  • Preparation of Pennsylvania and New Jersey inheritance tax returns
  • Preparation of Federal trust, estate & gift tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of estate & trust accountings
  • Negotiation & settlement of creditor claims
  • Sale of real estate
  • Will and trust interpretation or construction
  • Distribution of estate assets, including retirement accounts
  • Preparation and filing of disclaimers and renunciations
  • Preparation of family settlement agreements

Attorney Husain works with his clients to make sure that all taxes are minimized within the context of the administration and that all matters are handled in a time and cost-efficient manner.

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